WHO? Openhouse Stafford& Stone?

Funny isn’t it? Open House has been helping people buy, sell, let and rent online for almost 10 years, yes that’s right for nearly 10 years, and people still ask – who are you?.

Fair enough, we haven’t spent vast amounts of money on national TV advertising, UK wide billboards, Radio campaigns and the overheads of large offices around the UK in that time, so some of you may not have heard of us.

What we have done is focus on utilising appropriate technology that can help our customers in the process of selling, buying, renting or letting property. Looking to reduce the cost to our customers while providing the full suite of services they would expect from both a local estate agent office and all the benefits of online marketing and advertising  their properties.

As your local estate agents at Open House Stafford & Stone, we decided that our customers should have the best of both worlds. We could’ve saved the expense of our town centre office and merely work remotely. However, we felt that providing a team of real people in a traditional estate agent environment, whilst also being an online estate agent, allows us to pass back the savings made which is to the benefit of everyone in our local area.

So to help you answer that question, “who are the estate agents Open House Stafford & Stone? We are a team of real people based in our office and online 24 hours a day, who provide all the things you require, a personal level of service with the added benefits about local and industry knowledge, the infrastructure of a national 10 year old online estate agency business behind us and all at an unbelievable saving for you.

You may start seeing a little more of the Open House brand as we dig deep into our pockets to help those in the Stafford and Stone area be aware that they have a better choice when it comes to selling, buying, renting and letting their properties.

Feel free to pop into offices where we can help you search  the well-known property websites and our website to find the perfect property and location that suits you best We will provide a personal service and take the hassle and costs out of using traditional estate agents and online-only estate agents while saving you money.

Why wouldn’t you? So, who are you and what  we at Open House Stafford can do for you, is the real question!

That’s far too cheap to do it properly, isn’t it?

No!. You might think that, and we could easily put our prices up, but that’s not the point.

The point is, even though this apparently new way of selling and buying (Open House have been doing it for years) saves customers thousands (we agree with that) we can provide everything you need to market and sell your property. All at the best price, efficiently and quickly with real people in an office helping you through the whole process for as little as £698.

Yes you did read that price right! £698 – that’s great value for money.

No shortcuts -no “you do that bit your self”  and you won’t hear us say “You cant meet face to face in an office to discuss your very important, potentially life-changing decision to move”.

Take a look at the expert services we provide for Sellers, Buyers, Landlords & Tenants; it is everything you expect and more and yes, at what seems too be a too cheap to be true price.

No, we are not ‘cheap’, we are at the right price to provide exceptional value for money.

We expected better service

It’s frustrating when you can’t get the service you require from your local estate agent isn’t it!

As homeowners ourselves we appreciate that a lack of support and service can turn what could be an exciting time into a nightmare.  Finding the perfect home to move to, selling your property at the right price, obtaining the best mortgage advice and deal that suits you, are just a few of the things that should be expected from your estate agent.

Many other personal arrangements need to be made all based around the time of moving, making sure the children and pets are cared for, organising removal of your belongings, telephone numbers redirecting post, the list goes on.

Chasing solicitors of both parties and trying to find out if any issues regarding either property may have arisen during the process, has the mortgage been agreed in principle, agreed and finalised. Did they say they would be leaving the summer house or not, it can all get into a bit of a tiz when daily life also has to continue?

Many of our clients have come to us based on previous experience of what they consider to be poor and sometimes none existent service. Our ability and support to not only reduce the stress out of buying and selling their home, but to keep them informed and manage communications between all parties on their behalf.

At Open House Stafford & Stone we pride ourselves on the personal service we provide to all of our clients whether buying selling letting or renting.  With our team at the office in Stafford town centre, we are open and available to assist you in the whole process of moving home. Even in peak times throughout the year, we are here to have a chat, give best advise and help move things along professionally and in your best interests so you can concentrate on the things you need to do.

Perhaps Open House Stafford & Stone provide the unexpected levels of service that some people don’t experience from their chosen estate agents and have to make do with. You don’t want that do you …. do you?

More Positive Reviews

Here’s a few more people who have benefited from our exceptional value for money service :-

”Brilliant service, staff honest, helpful and professional. I got an offer on my property within 17 days and sold for asking price. So pleased I used open house. I would definitely recommend them. I shall be using their services again when I move house in future. Thank you Open House!!!” – Lindsey 03/08/18

”I recently purchased my first home through Open House, in Stafford; the team were all really friendly and helpful. They were brilliant at keeping me updated on the progress of the sale without me having to chase. I would definitely use Open House to sell my property, and would recommend them! Big Thanks to all the team 😊 x” – Sarah 03/08/18

”We can’t thank everyone at Open House enough for all your help with our house move. You are the perfect example of how it should work!! The sale side was so smooth, and you were always on hand to help. Thank you!” – Alison & Danny 02/08/17